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If you’re reading this, chances are you’re already using a B2B ecommerce platform to manage your business. But, it requires more than an appealing website to succeed in b 2 b. According to Invesp, only 2.86% of eCommerce website visits convert into a purchase. Companies need online selling platforms that draw in business visitors, make the most of their purchasing efforts, and save them time.


By unlocking the full potential of your B2B ecommerce platform, you can transform it into an all-in-one solution for managing your business. Let’s explore the top 3 ways you can take your B2B company beyond the cart and start getting more out of it. 

Make sure your online prices align with your offline prices.

Though digital is on the rise, it’s important to make sure your online efforts are reflected offline too. Provide your customers with the same individualized pricing, terms, and credit limits online that you do offline. Even when launching discounts or promo packages for wholesale, buyers must have access to availing through all touchpoints. Here’s an additional tip! If you want to ensure that you grow your client database? Require your buyers to log in to avail your products!

Provide Self-Service Tools 

Buyers today expect a personalized experience when shopping online—even in a business to business setting. To meet their expectations, offer self-service tools such as paying invoices online, looking up order statuses, checking stock inventory, developing product lists, inquiring for samples, soliciting quotes, quickly placing and changing orders. Allowing your buyers to self-serve is an instant way to boost sales and encourage repeat customers.

Create an Effective User Experience 

The most important step in unlocking the potential of your B2B ecommerce business is to create an effective user experience. User experience (UX) is integral for any successful website but especially for B2B organizations since they typically rely on repeat customers who are likely to return if they have a positive experience. From using intuitive navigation and designing mobile-friendly pages to providing helpful product descriptions and offering helpful customer service, utilizing an ecommerce platform with a great UX is key for any successful B2B website. 


Becoming successful in your efforts in B2B sales takes more than just finding the right platform to make life easier for your sales team, it requires making things easier for your buyers as well. With a little bit of effort and some help from the MyAtOnce B2B ecommerce platform, you can unlock the full potential of your B2B company. Powerful tools that enable your sellers to perform business processes efficiently and a user-friendly interface that mimics the familiarity of a B2C storefront for buyers to easily self-serve themselves.


Let your buyers experience B2B that shops like B2C!

Get the MyAtOnce ecommerce platform for your business today!

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